What to Expect During Small Group Travel – with Legit Trips


Facebook Pinterest Twitter I was a self-proclaimed solo-traveler—until I finally discovered small group travel that fit my particular brand of travel. Last year, I joined Legit Trips in Caye Caulker over New Year’s Eve and it was exactly the type of adventure I desired. Somehow Legit Trips managed to perfectly balance curating exceptional experiences while […]

Introducing Unbound – For Small Group Travel

Small group travel, curated and done for you, the way you want Facebook-square Pinterest Twitter Why do you travel? Is it so that you can check off all the “must-see” sights on those generic ‘Top 10’ lists floating around? Is it to go to somewhere new, just to do all the same things you do […]

Is Group Travel Right For You?

Have you ever wondered if group travel is right for you? Find out in this brand new guide to booking your ideal group trip.

Visit the 7 Wonders of the World with These Group Trips

Unbound encourages you to see the 7 Wonders of the World through these small and unique group trips. Group travel is easier than ever and we want to make sure you get the most out of your next trip. We’ve hand picked these trips based on quality, cost and personal experience.

Forget Morocco – Why You Should Visit Tunisia Instead

We’ve noticed, as I am sure you have, that with time certain destinations become ‘overrun’. Destinations like Bali, Mexico, and Morocco have been visited by almost every traveler out there and are a bit over-visited by the travel bloggers of the world.

11 Unique Hikes to Take This Spring

11 Unique Hikes To Take This Spring

As the weather warms and we are once again woken in the morning by birds chirping, our bodies ache to get outside. We yearn for time spent just being outdoors, without the cold bite of winter pushing back to our homes. Spring is a magical time of year.

Epic Group Trip Destinations to Visit in 2019

Epic Group Trip Destinations for 2019

As the New Year starts we set our goals and aspirations for where we would like to be in 2019 and how we plan to get there. Over at Unbound, we’re getting ready to organize all the best trips of 2019. As avid travelers we are always planning the next trip.

Effects of Travel on Your Mind, Body, & Soul

We have a limited number of travel days every year, making each one individually precious. And yet, like many people, I tend to let these precious days go unused, instead opting to prioritize work. This leaves me exhausted, stagnant, and simply, dull-minded.